Saturday, August 23, 2008

A blog virgin no more

My first posting and already the anxiety is proving a challenge to my new antiperspirant. It took me -- a techno-feeb-- forever to get the template set up. Now I'm seeing tabs that say "Edit Html" and "Post Options" but I'm afraid to click on anything for fear of losing what I've so far put into place.

There are also tabs for "Moderate Comments" and "Dashboard" (what?) but I'm more concerned with finding the spell check function. It would also be very cool if there were a function that bleeted "trite" or "pretentious" every time I'm compelled to write something less than literate.

Even better....when my grammar is faltering, the voice of Mrs. Berutti, my high school english teacher, would kindly ask "Do you really want to use that word?" Or when I'm tempted to portray someone in a less than kindly manner, the stern admonishment of Sister Leo Gene would ring out, "Patricia! Be nice."

But it appears I'm on my own here. Bear with me.


kb said...

"dismally average"? I think not. More like - "on the leading edge", IMHO.


Patricia said...

IMHO? I had to google that. Thankfully it means "in my humble opinion" Whew.

dd said...

I love it! I think the background is very attractive as well.

That is funny about your comments regarding "doyenne"; I've always loved the way it sounds. Sort of puts your mouth through a high jump competition.