Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dance, love, work, live

Another year sprints to a close and once more I’m reeling in ambivalence. Do we reflect on the past, mourn our losses, revel in accomplishments, ponder regrets, wonder what if, curse the speed of time?

Or do we look forward to a story yet written, marvel at the possibilities, make plans that will be forgotten, hope for a better tomorrow?

In my quest to live in the moment, I try to avoid looking back, looking ahead. One can’t be changed, the other can’t be predicted. Remembering that should set us free.

Because I can’t say it any better, I’m sharing a thought that has floated through the ages. I would name a source, but my Internet search found that several folks over the years have taken credit for it in one form or another.

Dance like no one is watching,
Love like you’ve never been hurt,
Work like you don’t need the money,
Live like it’s heaven on earth.

Happy New Year. Buon anno. Molte benedizioni per tutti noi.

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Anonymous said...

Jo Jo is at Walgreens!!! It bummed me out when they stopped selling beer too. I hope this is the right spot to post this answer. Did I win????!!!!