Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 1, 2009: 4:46 p.m.

There is beauty in the hood!

As soon as I brought the groceries in the house, I took out the trash while still in my heavy outer wear. Tossing refuse in the dumpster, I happened to look out to the west and saw this glorious sunset forming.

I zipped back into the house and grabbed the camera. From my front porch, I was able to shoot several shots of the horizon, above the roof lines, as the colors began to swirl and deepen.

What a wonderful omen. The first day of the new year ending on such a lovely note sets the tone for good things to come. Orange is the color of creation, joy, activity...all elements I want to capture in my easily as I was able to capture this blazing sky.

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dd said...

Hi Pat - I love your first day of the year in pics. This sunset is really beautiful.

It's so true about time of year - everyone wants a better job and to lose weight....

As for myself, I actually cooked 2 days in a row and have plans to make a nice fish dinner tonight!!! Things are on the upswing already and we're only 5 days in!