Saturday, April 11, 2009

An easy mistake to make

When a paparazzo tried to photograph the 12-year-old daughter of actor Woody Harrelson, Harrelson went after him. After a chase through New York's LaGuardia Airport, Harrelson smashed the paparazzo's main camera and stormed off, all of it was caught on video.

When asked for an explanation, Harrelson said he mistook the paparazzo for a zombie.


Anonymous said...

What have I been saying all along? The ZA (zombie apocalypse) is upon us.

Good eye Woody! Good eye!


Cormac Brown said...

Not that I advocate murder, I repeat, not that I advocate murder, and this is just an observation (and absolutely not an endorsement)...but I'm just curious as to when people go on these murder binges, why are the paparazzi still intact?

BTW, the way Woody handled it? I do advocate that.

Prairie Girl said...

Zombie attack isn't something that anyone should take lightly!
Its a well known fact that zombie attack is the leading cause of death for celebrity babies.

Kathleen said...

I wouldn't let any paparazzombies get near by kids, either! But, frankly, it sounds to me that Woody was the one infected with Rage. We'll have to see what he looks like 28 days later.

Anonymous said...
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Lola said...

I love Woody, and I believe anything he says. If he says zombie, zombie it is.

I sent a text message to a friend wishing him Buona Pasqua and he replied Happy Zombie Jesus Day. Not funny.

But this was a fun post, Patrizia la pazza. Ciao bella