Thursday, April 9, 2009

Splendor in the grass

We are very fortunate here in St. Louis to have one of the finest botanical organizations in the country. Maybe even the world. The Missouri Botanical Garden is a National Landmark, the oldest botanical garden in the US, and a world leader in horticulture research. There are 79 acres of magnificent gardens and rare botanical collections.

Can you tell I’m proud?

We were even more fortunate a few years back to have a world class exhibition of work by the master artist of glass blowing, Dale Chihuly. He was commissioned by the garden to design and install work created specifically for this location.

And it was spectacular.

I’m thinking of it this Easter week because visiting the installation was similar to the thrill of an egg hunt. As you walked the grounds, you just never knew what you were going to find or when another amazing piece of glass sculpture was going to appear.

Designed to work into the environment, glass art was nestled among moss, floating in ponds, hidden in rocky crevices, bursting from grasslands, hiding in a water falls, Just when you thought you’d seen the best, another dazzling piece would present itself.

Now I love an overflowing Easter basket as much as the next person, but this experience was even better than chocolate bunnies.

Here are a few images of the dramatic installations.

Happy Easter. Joyous Passover.


Kathleen said...

OMG!!!!!..the blue pieces contrasting with those mauve-colored plants just about sent me into ectasy.

I'm a bit gaga about color.

So glad to know about the Botanical Garden. I'll definitely pay a visit if I'm ever in town. Dale Chihuly had an installation at the Minneapolis Institute of Art many years ago. I just about came uncorked, it was so gorgeous.

Lovely post, Pyzahn. Thank you!

Cormac Brown said...

We just a Chihuly exhibit this past June! I explained to The Missus that much of the ticket price had to come from shipping the exhibit (what a logistical nightmare) and the staging of it. We even had the foresight to buy a Chihuly calendar, all good stuff except for this month ("Mirrored Hornet?" Maybe that's what their stingers look like blown up 150X).

Blueberry said...

That Garden is a beautiful place, and Chihuly is wonderful too. A good combo.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Oh wow! The installations are amazingly beautiful among the greenery. WOW!


Gail said...

That would be something to see! I have heard driving in and around St Louis is a nighmare but I may have to look at a map!!!