Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shine a light on me

Being raised catholic, I spent time in a church filled with statues, candles and incense. Hated the incense. Still do. Must be a throw back to a previous life. But I always loved the mysterious statues and the flickering candles.

I was the only catholic on the block, so I was taunted by the protestant kids who said I was a pagan who worshiped “false idols.” (Remember, during this time they were making movies like The Ten Commandments and Ben Hur.) They thought we Catholics gave too much attention to Mary and the other saints, not enough to Jesus.

I loved having so many saints on my side. And I was intrigued that they all had their own “specialty”. When I lost my Brownie ring, my mother told me to pray to St. Anthony, the patron saint of all things lost. So I did.

One day, sitting on the front porch, I saw something in the grass catch a glint of sun. Getting down on my hands and knees I saw packed down in the clover my beloved ring. It had been mowed over a couple times and the stone was chipped, but St. Anthony had come through for me.

These days whenever I’m in a store that sells those tall votive candles featuring Saints with their own dedicated prayers, I can’t help but pick them up. I’m fascinated by the images, the lore, the symbolism. Every saint, it seems, has a niche.

But for my life today, I’m thinking I need some new saints and some new prayers to keep pace with the ills that torment me.

To aid me in my never-ending frustration with technology, I need a St. Bill. In those times of hair pulling, anguished screams and pounding fists, I will call upon him for patience and tech savvy.

Oh unblemished creator of programs for the geek challenged
Enlighten me with thy software intelligence.
I beg your intercession as I surf the perilous waves of cyberspace.
Grant me patience and unrelenting fortitude.
I am at your mercy.

For a memory boost, especially at those times when I am trying to speak (or write) and words do not form in my brain, I could call on St. Carnegie.

Hail beloved guardian of brain cells
I beseech thee to share thy power
in times of befuddlement and in the absence of word recall.
I am humble in your glory.

There are all too many areas in my life that could benefit from a spark of divinity. I suppose until those infirmities can be remedied with a saintly connection, I will ask the Goddess of Good Humor to shine her light on me.


SpookyRach said...

I need me some face time with the Goodess of Good Humor. haha!

We had lunch at the office this week. I was at the grocery store, picking up a couple of last minute items and I found a great center piece - a Court Case candle. Complete with prayer that asks good to make sure the judge is on your side.

I love the first photo. I've taken that same photo myself over, and over, and over. My little protestant heart yearns for ritual and mysticism, I guess.

Anonymous said...

St. Joseph is my patron saint.... should I have used CAPS?
Gotta Love it....
Show me the ring sometime.....
Have a good weekend.....

B.E. Earl said...

I was raised Catholic too.

Never took.

I think every organized religion has it's drawbacks. That's why I worship the Temple of Me.

I never let me down.

Pyzahn said...

The photo of the candles was taken at the Santuario di Chimayo in New Mexico. The sweetest little chapel you'd ever want to see. In the back is an annex room where you can dig up your own "miracle dirt". Miracles aside, it's a really magical place.

SpookyRach said...

No wonder it looked so familiar!!

Bella@That damn expat said...

I love me some saints.
My man is Saint Nicholas!

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

We were in Italy recently.We are in love with your country, culture and people. Not to mention the food ;)

Anonymous said...

I am not Catholic, but would you still light a candle for me? I sure could use some help from the Goddess of Good Humor!


Bruce said...

I am certain that when I die, I will rise up to heaven and be enthroned as Saint Morphonious...Patron Saint of Morons (see my blog).....

...on second thought, I might be descending to a lower level canto of hell.

Anonymous said...

Uh Pyzahn, I just officially tagged you for your first meme! Now go back to my blog to copy and paste the questions and then answer them and let me know when you do, k? If you want to forward it, go ahead, if you don't that's good too! :)

libhom said...

Being allergic to most incense, I'm lucky to be an atheist.