Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brain freeze

Remember the good ole days when you got brain freeze from eating something cold too quickly? Malt. Sno cone. Bomb pop. That pain expanding in the front of your head until you thought it was going to explode. My automatic response was to put my hand to my forehead, pound on it a bit and maybe rub it to see if I could shake it loose.

Well, these days I get the same sensation every time I’m near a media outlet. A knee jerk, Pavlovian response with my hand rubbing my forehead as I try to get my brain to work. It happens when I hear/read/see anything about the stimulus package.

But really, what normal person can wrap their mind around the gazillions of dollars we are stacking up in debt? I have to use a fake sissy word like gazillion because when I think of the actual trillion dollar amount I slide into cerebral defecto mode.

I think the only solution is to run up to Mr. Wizard and slurp down – really fast – a large chocolate malt. Maybe the real deal brain freeze will push aside that strange numbness inside my head.

Ah, the good ole days.


Anonymous said...

It is scary, isn't it?

But I do have to say that I suffer from "cerebral defecto mode" 27/4!

See? lol 24/7.

And I think we all need a brain freeze to keep our brains numb..cuz the truth...UNbeleivable!


Vina said...

I love the picture...that's how I've been feeling all week!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't get the brain freeze so much these days but I get it in my chest when I drink frozen drinks like margaritas. Which sucks a lot as I LOVE margaritas. I just accept that I have to endure excruciating pain every time I have one before enjoyment can kick in.

Just about everything I read on the news gives me brain rot.

Blueberry said...

A gazillion is a bazillion times ten, I think. ;-)

My word verification was "WORTHI," just like my retirement account is not as Worthi as it used to be.

Bruce said...

I got a brain freeze.....ONCE....that was all I needed. I learned to sip more slowly after that. Now I only get them while listening to the talking heads on the local nightly television news. ..... which is why I don't watch much television anymore.