Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Woe is me

My computer problems continue and my time online may be limited. I’m getting error reports that say it’s a hard drive issue, which can’t be good. And my system keeps crashing, which is annoying.

It’s been an interesting technological evolution for me. By nature, I am a luddite. But ever since I’ve been blogging, I’ve become much friendlier with the whole techy Internet thing. I spend more time online than watching TV. And it’s starting to draw me away from activities I’ve always loved – reading, cooking, gardening.

So maybe my computer meltdown is a good thing. Time to re-evaluate.

Wherever this assessment takes me, the fact is I will still need a computer that’s reliable. And fast. And cheap. So I’m looking for feedback.

Please send your thoughts/experiences regarding suitable replacements. I’m leaning towards a laptop. I want something that’s easy to use (i.e., none of those mini contraptions). No sissy colors. Good workhorse with multitasking capabilities. And like I said. Cheap. Or at least affordable.


Vina said...

My co-worker just purchased a new Toshiba laptop from Best Buy. She said she got a 2 GB memory, 160 GB hard drive, wireless router, wireless printer and recovery disk for 569.00. She said they have a great selection and the guy helping her was helpful (not trying to get her to buy more than she needed)
One thing she recommended was going online to see if they have any specials because she saw a better price at Best Buy online and the store honored the online price. Good Luck!

Bruce said...

Here are my two cents. I have always leaned toward Mac, because I have always liked their operating system and logic flow. The best mac would be an AirBook...(drowl), but they are not a cheap laptop. A Mac mini that can plug into your current monitor and keyboard is the best bet in that arena.

As for Windows...well, I just bought an HP laptop vor about $800 because I needed it to run software that isn't Mac compatible. It is a nice machine, but has more bells and whistles than I need. But it gets the job done and it is pretty reliable.

But if you don't need the portability, I would go with the Mac Mini.

(and you really don't need all that reading, cooking gardening is over rated)

Lola said...

Read this, a couple more posts. Leave a few comments, not too many. Now...switch the computer off. Yes! Pour yourself a glass of something alcoholic. Wine would be best, or a chilled beer.
Sit in a comfortable chair. Do you have a nice view from your windows? Draw the curtains, open the book. Or else tune into some soft music. Close your eyes.
And go for Mac next time, definitely.
Ciao, paisà!

Cormac Brown said...

My son has a Compaq Presario CQ-60 laptop and has been reliable for the month that he has had it...though he doesn't have a boatload of MP3s and pics on it, so I don't know.