Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring in the hood

"I think that I shall never see a blog as lovely as a tree."

This is my Magnolia “Jane”. Actually she is a shrub, not a tree. But lovely nonetheless. It’s the first spring she has bloomed so magnificently and I can’t help but marvel at how she has brightened up the landscape.

I wish this was “Smell-a-Vision” or scratch-n-sniff because those hyacinths have the most amazing fragrance. It’s worthy of sharing. Every morning when I go out to pickup the paper, I step into a perfumed heaven.

Alas, the birds are not so happy with me today. I have cut them off from their morning feeding. As an urban dweller, I feel a responsibility to feed them during the winter. But as spring settles in, I slowly withdraw the amount of seed I put out. When the last bag is empty, free food is no more.

I always feel very guilty when the feeding stops. I try to tell them (and myself) it’s time to stand on their own. Earth worms are a plenty in my yard. But this morning the male Cardinal threw a hissy fit, squawking and hopping around and laying on the pitiful routine. So much drama.

I’m off to stroll the garden. Every day there is a new sighting of something green sprouting through the soil. The hostas are boldly showing themselves. The peonies race to see who can grow the tallest on any given day. Soon I will have a picture of the apple tree in bloom to share.

Spring brings new beauty to the hood.


EB said...

Your magnolia is beautiful, especially in that planting. We have wonderful magnolias here - they love the heavy soil - but none in our garden. I thought we didn't have room, I didn't realise you could get smaller ones.

In the UK the wisdom seems to be that if you feed the birds it's important to do it year round. Perhaps it's different where you are though.

Ginger said...

Thanks for visting my blog! Your tree/shrub is so pretty. That's on my wish list.
To respond to your question -- we have a very short winter here. It was 80 degrees today! So, our japanese magnolias bloomed a month or so ago, and now it's wisteria time. Next stop: insane summer heat. Yay. :)

Cormac Brown said...

"I wish this was “Smell-a-Vision” or scratch-n-sniff because those hyacinths have the most amazing fragrance."

Eh, I don't care what you say, I took one look at that picture and I need to take an Alavert.

Jack said...

Love, love, love your magnolia! I see your Hycinthia are in bloom as well :)

We had a few crocus sprout up but that's about it. The ground is still very frozen here on the east coast of Canada.

Jeph said...

The magnolia's very pretty - beautiful blooms!

I'm very jealous of your hyacinths - mine are just starting to peek up out of the ground, but with another frosting morning like today, I think they've decided to hold off coming out for a little while. Probably a smart move...

I've decided to try peonies for the first time this year, and am eager to see what others look like, learn what their traits are, etc. I realize that all the small clumps I'm buying and potting up right now (to be planted in the beds later) won't be blooming for years probably - and that's sort of disappointing. I guess this is a lesson in patience, eh?

Gail said...

Hi, Jane. You are quite lovely.