Thursday, June 18, 2009

Calling all coffee lovers

Oh how I love a good cup of coffee. Even in tough economical times, when I’m cutting back on everything, I refuse to buy inferior beans. I consider good coffee a sound investment.

Contemplating life over a cup of coffee improves your outlook. A robust brew after dinner is the perfect way to savor a great meal. Mornings, especially dreary ones, are a whole lot brighter when you can smell the wafts of java coming from the kitchen.

Like I said, a good investment. And after years of health bashing, coffee is now thought to improve your cognitive skills, prevent heart disease and breast cancer, and extend your sex life. (Actually, I just threw in that last one to get your attention.)

So imagine my delight when I read a story about an online roaster who allows you to create your own blend. Their MyBlend feature takes you through a quick quiz to determine your individual taste profile and then a custom product is developed just for you.

My coffee identity: A mild acidity complemented with nutty earthiness and a full, smooth body.

Even better…they have a specially priced MyBlend package through the month of July. You get two 12 oz. bags, plus two 2 oz. sample bags, for $24.98, with free shipping. (I swear they are not paying me to write this.)

The company is called The Roasterie and you can order through their website by clicking here. To add to the golly-gee factor, you can name your blend and personalize the label by uploading a photo.

I haven’t yet received my personal brew so I can’t critique their product, but judging from their website they seem to take coffee roasting very seriously. As well they should. They also have a wide variety of branded blends, including organic and free trade.

What’s your coffee identity?



Cormac Brown said...

A cup a day, six times a week unless I don't get a enough sleep.

The Teen loves the stuff, even though he still isn't allowed to drink it. The Missus craved it so much when he was in utero, that it carried over. One day when she was tired and he was about two, she put her tall cup down and he snuck up and drained it before she realized what was going on.

Rudee said...

My latest kick is Starbuck's Pike-their original beans. Love.It.

If I could, I'd start a coffee IV in the mornings. I'm not fit for company of any sort until I've consumed at least my first cuppa.

That said, I'm bold and balanced with a full body and deep fruity undertones. Definitely right on the fruitcake but they're wrong about me being balanced. I'm very, very bold.

sallymandy said...

Delish! I confess to a softness for frou-frou coffee, of the hazelnut or vanilla flavored sort. With lots of milk, and sweetener. Your basic java-flavored milkshake, kinda.

Last week I had a stomach bug and did not drink coffee for about 3 days. After the headache went away, I considered that I'd now stopped caffeine and felt pretty good. Should I keep it up? Nah. I'm right back on it.

Ribbon said...

I love real coffee... freshly ground beans every morning in our kitchen :-)

best wishes

Slices of Beauty... said...

Wow, thats so fab!

Lola said...

Delicious post, Patrizia!

I will rush over to get my personalized caffè profile and report back. I have just purchased a kilo (2.2 lb) of roasted 100% Arabica beans from Sant'Eustacchio for my father who lives in California. I have to tell him about this place!!!


Lola xx

Anonymous said...

I'm a dark roast kind of Java enJoyer. don't drink as much coffee as I used to, but when I do I want it rich, full body, lots of bouquet, solid on the palate with a strong finish. And plenty of the beloved "lift." (wink)

Fact, I think I'll go brew me up a cup right now. :)

The Old Silly From Free Spirit Blog

Bruce said...

I have to say that there are times I wish I didn't have a coffee identity. I wish I could get up in the morning without a cup of coffee, but I fear that Folgers has made an addict out of me.

lakeviewer said...

Yes, I like the news about coffee being good for us. And, I like the additional benefit you listed. I like mine black, rich,a double espresso for that morning jump start.

drollgirl said...

i am so jealous of you coffee lovers! you have all the fun! you get to enjoy more flavors of ice cream! you have it all. i hate coffee, but i love tea, so i will just have to be content with that.

hope you have a great weekend. i will be doing similar boring house stuff like you, but will hopefully be throwing in SOME fun, too!

Andrea said...

I've given up most everything but will die with a cup of black, hazelnut coffee in my grip!

Blueberry said...

2 cups a day, and I'm never going to try to decaffeinate again, so there. I like it dark and strong, and from beans that are ground in front of me - esp. since I heard that cockroach business... [2nd para: and there's a link to audio in the post] ... I've heard great things and horrible things about what coffee does for health, so let them keep trying to figure it out for sure, and I'll keep drinking it.

ds said...

Ooh! Tempting! Alas, I wouldn't qualify for my own blend as I throw so much stuff in my coffee that it is more like ice cream...but it's a great idea for the natal festivities of Mr. Long-Suffering. Will definitely hang onto this thought. Thanks!

Tess said...

I noticed that people in the States love coffee, my hubby used to drink 24 cups of coffee everyday but since we got married, he tried to cut down to 7-10 cups. His coffee is gevalia, have you heard of that brand, its good. Hey, you are good in promoting a product, they should pay you for this :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

marina said...

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