Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thanks for your service

Memorial Day, formerly known as Decoration Day, was created to commemorate U.S. men and women who died while in military service. I think though, and rightly so, it has become a day to recognize all veterans.

My dad was a veteran of WWII. That’s his picture here….looking all handsome and snappy and devil-may-care. He was so proud to have been a soldier. He didn’t talk much about the action he saw, but he did talk about the men he served with.

His platoon remained a tight group. That band of brothers. They would hold reunions every couple of years to keep their friendship strong and once when they had a gathering near where I lived, I went out to meet his buddies.

Dad was a different person when in the company of his fellow soldiers. There was a light shining through him. A pride that just radiated from his eyes and broadened his smile. Whether they were talking about the war or grandchildren, there was a potent bond -- the knowledge they had been through something together that was important, and powerful, and ever lasting.

My dad passed almost four years ago. I think of him every day, but it’s on Memorial Day that I am awash in a special respect for him. I channel that pride he radiated. As I put out the row of small flags on my lawn today, I realized that he also instilled in me a fierce sense of patriotism.

From the editorial cartoons below, it seems as though there are others who share my appreciation for Memorial Day.

The next time you have the opportunity to be with a veteran – or a currently enlisted soldier, sailor, marine, or guardsman – thank them for their service. A salute would be nice, too.



Joanne said...

What a lovely story, I love that the Americans are so patriotic.

Gail said...

My father was a WWII veteran. I am very proud of that and of him.
I am also proud of all who have served and are serving our country without question.

What a wonderful tribute to your father and all the veterans everywhere.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and tribute. My father passed ten years ago. Dad wasn't a vet, but I have an Uncle still alive who served in WWII. The stories he told me as a boy growing up about combat on the front are still vivid hauntings in my mind. Brave souls, men like that - willing to put their lives on the line and live in constant fear, bolstered only by courage, camaraderie and love of their homeland and the freedoms it stood for.

The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

ds said...

Lovely tribute--and reminder. Thanks.

Lover of Life said...

Very nicely said. Sorry for the loss of your father. My father died 22 years ago, and I still think of him daily. Thanks for the reminder of all the veterans who served their country with honor.

Lola said...

Beautifully written tribute to your father and a lovely Memorial Day post, Patrizia.

Ciao and have a great Monday.

lakeviewer said...

Sweet tribute to a hero.

drollgirl said...

your dad was a true here and i am sure you miss him so much.

i would never have the guts to do what soldiers do day in and day out. i am very grateful that we have brave men and women taking care of us.

and here is to your dad and all the others that keep us safe. :)

distracted by shiny objects said...

Great post and love the editorial cartoons:>) Seeing the photos and films of WWII I'm always amazed at how young those men were and the huge difference each one of them made to our world.

Kathleen said...

Terrific tribute, and I couldn't agree with you more about thanking a vet. Just being in the service should earn someone a purple heart, and then there's the there's actual time in country. I don't think I'd ever have the courage to do either!

Cormac Brown said...

A toast to your pop and to all the vets...uh, with coffee this time of the morning.