Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The truth be told

Your votes have been cast and it’s time to reveal how badly I lied and which silly incident really did happen in my life. (Spoiler Alert: If you’re just logging on, please see previous post before reading further.)

1. This is a half truth – which, of course, makes it a lie. I did work with film crews at Sea World. The Captain Kangaroo Show did indeed film on location there for a couple of weeks. And even though the Captain was a bit of a pistol, he did NOT make untoward advances while I was working in his trailer.

Personally I thought the part about fending him off “with a ball point pen” was quite creative. Thanks to Distracted by Shiny Objects for choosing this one because, she said,…. “who would make this up?” I take that as a compliment.

2. Sadly, this is also a half truth. Yes, George was in town for a couple months filming “Up in the Air”. (Watch for it later this year.) It took everything I had not to stalk him. He did frequent a certain pub. I was never there and therefore could not have been rewarded with a Limoncello from him. Sigh.

3. And by process of elimination, that makes this one – the story about the icky hickey – the truth. Good news is I got the job….and got rid of the boyfriend. That swap worked out in my favor.

Thank you all for playing along. I’d love to hear your truths and lies. I’ll be watching for your stories.

Photo credits: George Clooney on location in St. Louis. Captain Kangaroo in a network publicity shot. Sorry, no photo of the hickey is available for viewing.


Pen Pen said...

ahaha! I had a boss that I absolutely loved a few years ago who ALWAYS wore scarves. She'd wear them with her "power suits". I always thought she was hiding hickeys, but she was just being her fab self :)

Kathleen said...

Well done! I'm SO relieved about Captain Kangaroo I can actually live with being wrong!!!

And, my dear Pyzahn, why did you not call a hickey a "love bite" ala Moonstruck? ~;^D

Anonymous said...

Ha! I KNEW it!! lol

Witty mad fun, the two posts. :)

The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

Rudee said...

I'm so glad the Captain story wasn't true-even though it was Mr. Green Jeans, Dancing Bear and Mr. Moose I looked forward to seeing the most each week.

ds said...

Dang! Was hoping for #2 even though I voted for the "love bite." Think you made the right 'swap." Thanks for the fun!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the Capt Kangaroo was a lie!


hee hee

we_be_toys said...

Now I'm all bummed - a tryst with the Captain is almost as good as a tryst with Mr. Greenjeans (god how I loved and lusted for that man, with every fiber of my 6 year old being!)

drollgirl said...

the ball point pen was a very creative touch. you are a clever little lady, and you are mighty entertaining!!!!!