Saturday, January 24, 2009

Job envy

Like a gazillion other folks these days, I am looking to upsize my employment status. I’ve been freelancing/consulting in marketing communications for the past two years, but as goes the economy, my business has taken a nose dive.

Being open to any good opportunity, I’ve done my share of research, networking and interviewing. Actually, it was the interviewing process that brought about this blog. I was telling tales of pathetic prospective employers and a friend said, “You know, you really should write about it.”

With that encouragement, I jumped into the blogosphere…but I have not been able to work up the enthusiasm to bitch about the pitfalls of job hunting. I’ve had so many amazingly rude experiences I’ve lost the ability to laugh about them. It has taken on the sound of whining, and it’s not pretty.

Someday though, because I think I may have enough material for a long running sitcom.

The whole “looking for a great job” process got me to wondering about what truly good gigs are out there. Who has the best job in the world? After much thought, and after ruling out ice cream tester simply based on calorie consumption, I hereby declare my choice for person with the coolest job to be.…..(drum roll)……Paul Shaffer.

Yes, the band leader on the David Letterman show. Here’s my rationale:

- He probably only works about 4 or 5 hours a day
- I’m sure he gets paid handsomely.
- He wears whatever he wants to work.
- He hangs out with Dave and other celebrities.
- I bet he gets good tables at the best restaurants.
- He has a creative outlet and works with talented musicians.
- He’s the master of his domain.
- The stress level seems extremely low.
- He laughs a lot and makes music.

But I’m open to other thoughts. If you think there’s a better gig out there, post it here.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I totally agree! He doesn't even have to do the standup comedy that sometimes falls flat. AND...he's not being bugged to do celebrity this or that.

Yep, he's got it sweet alright.

Too bad he's so young, he's gonna be around for a long time unless...unless? Nah, that's probably not a good idea!

Bella@That damn expat said...

I'd rather be David Letterman.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining the discussion!

Cowguy said...

The only downside to being Paul Shaffer is that whole weirdie look thing you'd have to go for.

Thanks for dropping by and joinin


Nicole said...

All your points may be true, but in the end you'd still have to be Paul Shaffer.


Pyzahn said...

Yes, Mr. S is a little out there, but for me it's not about the person, it's the job.

(announcer's voice)....and Pyzahn...with the NBC Orchestra!

Gwen said...

I've always wanted to grow up to be an independently wealthy socialite but you make some great arguments for Paul Shaffer. The effort and reward is about the same and then I'd have a sense of purpose outside giving away money and drinks.