Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh, the possibilities

Watching TV shows over the years that were steeped in pseudo-occult and sci-fantasy --Buffy, X-Files, Heroes -- I’ve thought about what super power I would like to have. I immediately went to the obvious…invisibility, reading minds, flying. But my analytical Virgo brain came up with various reasons why those wouldn’t be practical.

Then one day it came to me...I would love to be a shape shifter. Holy schmoley, how much fun would that be!

I think maybe first I would become Pamela Anderson for a while, as a psychological experiment of course, just to see how differently men would react to me. Next I’d morph into Fergie (the singer, not the Duchess) so I could make out with Josh Duhamel.

Then I’d become the head of the company I used to work for and fire my old boss. I’d spend some time as Bill Gates so I’d know what it’s like to be the richest man in the world. (You’re gonna want to be around then because I will be giving away lots of moolah.)

I would have fun being a Polar Bear who terrorizes Sarah Palin, but first I’d be a master thief who steals all the guns out of her house.

I would love to spend some time as Michael Phelps just to know what it feels like to have an amazing athletic body. Next I’d be Patty Scialfa so I could rock on stage with Bruce Springsteen.

Well, as you can see, the fun could go on forever, so I’ll jump to question portion of this post. Multiple choice:

A) If you could have a super power what would it be?
B) If you were a shape shifter, who/what would you become…and why?


Anonymous said...

No I am a closet voyeur...the invisibility thing would be soooo me. Ooooh the people I would watch!

You know the saying: Wouldn't I like to be a fly on the wall?

Ooooh, yeah, I'd have lots of fun!

heh heh

Gwen said...

Hands down, the ability to transport. Weather, laziness and finances would no longer stand in my way of going wherever I want in an instant.

Rob said...

1. I think x-ray vision would be handy. I could be the best dentist in the world, or, if I can't get into dental school, I could work at the airport screening people. Plus I could totally check out girls!

2. I would change my shape to Tom Brady. I think you know why...

Pyzahn said...

Rob...if you had x-ray vision, you would be looking as girls' bones and innards...unless they dress in cement.

But okay, if you're Tom Brady, I will be Gisele and...well, you'd probably forget all about that x-ray vision notion.

Allison said...

The ability to bend the space time continuum, is what I'd have to choose. Of course, I'd like this controlled through a pocket watch of some sort.

Its such a shame Heroes has taken a downfall recently.

Anonymous said...

Yay for X-Files viewing!

Me, I'd be the guy who lives upstairs and insists that the whole building enjoy his loud trance music, particularly the basslines when I'm trying to watch a movie.

Then I'd make him call the landlord and call him a giant asshole and that he was sleeping with the landlord's wife, which would get him evicted and possibly beaten to a pulp and I'd have peace again.

Oh and I'd be another bear watching you torment Sarah Palin while I sat back eating popcorn.

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