Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vaya con dios

I woke up to a beautiful day in the flatlands. Cold as squat, but there’s an amazing blazing sun that makes the brittle weather more bearable.

Because it’s so cold, I gave myself permission to “hole up”. Drink coffee. Move slow. Catch up on some surfing. It was that surfing that brought a cloud to dim my sunshine.

As a relatively new blogger, I like to visit other blog sites from time to time to marvel at the talent that lurks in the blogosphere. One fellow blogger reached out to me from nearly day one. She would leave sweet comments and her encouragement gave me confidence to continue onward in this daunting new world.

Visiting her blog today I learned that her contributions to cyberspace came to an end. On Christmas Eve, Suzanne Horne, aka Liquid Illuzion, left this world. It seems her soul was too gentle to withstand her personal demons.

Please visit Suzanne’s blog, Her talent deserves to be shared. Her spirit needs to live on. If you read the comments and postings, it is very obvious how many lives she touched with her kindness.

I’m not lucky enough to be able to call Suzanne a friend, but the loss of our wee bit of a relationship left a hole in my heart. I saw only her creativity, her generosity, her love of her family. How amazing that she presented such a remarkable energy when she obviously lived with great pain.

Do you have a friend you haven’t heard from recently? Please call them. Have you met someone you’d like to know better? Invite them over. Does something nag in the back of your mind that a person close to you has been less present lately? Reach out.

We never know how short life might be. How fragile another soul. Whoever said “Carpe diem” knew her stuff. Seize the day. Hug a friend. Make a call. Send a kind note.

Vaya con dios, Suzanne.


Awake In Rochester said...

You have a beautiful way of putting things. I'm sorry for you lose. I didn't know her for long, but she made a definite impact on my life. She will be missed my many.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I read about her on aother blog. So, so sad...

rdl said...

So saddened by this loss - I will miss her profoundly.

Utah Savage said...

What a lovely post. I miss her too.

Those of us with bipolar disorder do tend to isolate ourselves. So thank you for reminding your readers to look in on us. You're very sweet.

dd said...

What a lovely tribute; your words trully are touching.....and a reminder that we are all vulnerable.