Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On the road again: JoJo #2

The musical simian has hit the road again. It's hard to keep track of JoJo. His adventures take him far and wide, but almost always down the central corridor.

Hints are in his poem -- which is, as before, quite telling. I promise, as his travels continue, the clues will become much murkier, twisted and complex. Vote early and vote often.

My friend Speedy would like it here
Homeland far, homeland near
You'll find spicy, crispy, soft or not
Sometimes mild, sometimes hot
Inside -- or out on a pretty day
Standing room only the fifth of May.
Where am I?


Anonymous said...

JoJo is at a Mexican restaurant, however, I do not recognize the fountain. It is up to someone else to figure that out!

Anonymous said...

I'm still having trouble getting my name and icon to show up for some reason! Anyway, It's me, Kathy.

Kathy said...

So...which Mexican restaurant is it???!!!

dd said...

Well......definitely a Mexican place. I'm not familiar with the restaurants in STL, but I'm assuming it's there.

Anonymous said...

I can tell JoJo's at Garden Heights.

Pyzahn said...

Sorry anonymous. The poem/clues do not point to a nursery. But thanks for participating.