Friday, July 10, 2009

Client roster

We’re all familiar with the wise advice, “Do what you love” and “Follow your bliss.” Well, the sinking economy in all its omnipotence has led me to do just that. With “real” work scare to non-existent, I have fallen into a fur pile of love and bliss.

For about the past five months one of my part time jobs has been walking dogs. Not only do I get to hang out with woman’s best friend, but I get lots of fresh air and exercise. An even bigger bonus, I’ve made several new best buddies. I’ve never had a job before where my clients were so happy to see me.

Because they have all become so special to me, I wanted to introduce them to you. In no particular order…


The photo does not do this pretty girl justice. With a sweet face, soft eyes and a silky coat, she’s a heart breaker. And a big bundle of joy wrapped up in fur. When I walk her, her wagging body sings, “happy dog, hap, hap, happy dog.” If we visit the park, every now and then she will drop to the grass, lie on her back and wiggle in delight. I wish I could bottle her enthusiasm.


Though she is strong as an ox, she has a really soft heart and can easily be a ‘fraidy cat. Lucy is smart as a whip. When I first started walking her, she showed me all the secret paths and short cuts in her neighborhood. She wants nothing more than for you to love her. Give her chest a scratch and her eyes just light up.


This big goof ball is Lucy’s side kick. They are best buddies as long as Taj lets Lucy be the boss. He will throw himself at your feet and whine frantically if you don’t give him enough attention. He really makes me laugh. I like to get down on the floor and rub his belly until he goes into a trance – kinda like a gator.

Lucy B.

She’s my baby. I started walking her when she was about ten weeks old and it has been such a pleasure watching her grow. At first she was all about biting and chewing, but now she’s much calmer and so alert. She cocks her head if she hears a bird or a plane. She loves to chase bees and butterflies. Sometimes she gets so excited she collapses into a tangle of her gangly legs, then pops up and pretends like it never happened. Oh, to live with such carefree abandon.


Technically Bear is not my client, he’s my neighbor. But his human works long hours so I take him for walks almost every day. This big palooka is 140 pounds of pure sweetness. And no one walks better on a leash then he does. I love watching him. While most dogs want to sniff everything, Bear is more of a visual observer. He looks at the world like he’s seeing everything for the first time.

Well, those are my clients, my friends, my teachers. I wish all of you as much boundless love as I get from these beautiful creatures.



Anonymous said...

They are all BEAUTIFUL! I just love dogs. I grew up with a dog and she was my best friend bar none. I love cats too. If I had plenty money, time and space I'd have a bunch of both. :)

Cynthia L. H. said...

Aren't you the clever one for lining up such an enviable "j.o.b."!!!???!!!

My doggie needs you. I've been working so much...I've been looking for an adoptable "friend" for him from the SPCA.
Soon. Hopefully.

Rachael said...

Aww! How fun!! I too am looking for ways to fill my off days... working par time at the office 2 days a week, leaves me 3 more that I have to figure out how to fill up!

ds said...

Wonderful! They are clearly happy--and lucky--to have you as a friend. Somehow I think that for you it's not exactly "work." ;)

Anonymous said...

Awww, I'm such a dog lover. We have three mutts!

AND Lucy looks just like my Maisy! Same face! And Maisy is our most affectionate and smart dog!

I luv doggies!

Rudee said...

What a wonderful way to make a little money and spend your time. For the most part, dogs make much better company than humans. Bear and Lucy B are gorgeous dogs. The rest a sweet, but those two are stunning.

T said...

What a great job! No better companionship then a dog, well for me cats too!!

They are all beautiful, but I adore Bear!!

kden said...

Love all of your little doggy shots. Lucky them to have you to walk them. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. My husband is a Pyzahn too! One more thing; your salad recipe sounds wonderful. I'll be making that one soon ;-)

Anonymous said...

My goodness, that's a crew of big, beautiful pups! We used to have only big shepherds, but we've inherited a lot of little ones. It sounds like a rewarding job; who better to work with than dogs??

Kathleen said...

Oh my gosh! That is exactly what I was considering doing before my contract got renewed! I'm so glad to hear how rewarding it's been for you.

I adore your descriptions of their personalities -- and of course their pictures.

How lovely that you focus on their positive points.

I can imaging that they simply adore you!

Thanks for sharing your four-legged companions with us!

The Cottage Cheese said...

What a fun job, to get to spend much of your day with these sweet creatures. Thanks for sharing them with us. You know how much the pups make me smile!

Prairie Chicken... said...

total cuteness!

Ribbon said...

great way to spend some time...
I love my dog :)

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