Monday, July 20, 2009

I won! I won!

Last week I received one of those chain emails that you are supposed to pass along to a certain number of people and your wish will come true. Typically I delete them, but this one had a picture of Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul II with a really nice prayer so I was pulled in. Come on, it was JP2!

My wish for financial reward is due to be granted at any minute.

This morning my horoscope gave me five stars. FIVE! Out of five.

Then this afternoon I found out I had won a blogger sponsored contest. The whimsical Purest Green at Scotland for the Senses has awarded me a copy of the cookbook, A Cook’s Tour of Scotland.

How cool is that! My mojo is back.

Winning the giveaway is exciting not only because I won something, but more so because I know very little about the foods of Scotland. And what do we do when there is something we know little about? Exactly. We google.

Now there are a few Scottish basics that I’m familiar with, like Shepherd’s Pie, Shortbread, Haggis and Cock-a-Leekie Soup. But look at the names of some other staples I found:

Arbroath Toasties
Atholl Brose
For Far Bridies
Parton Bree
Roastit Bubbly-Jock
Toad in the Hole
Tweed Kettle

I don’t know what any of these things are, but aren’t they fun to say? Something I did notice. It appears that several of the Scottish recipes include liquor of some sort. I saw a lot of whiskey and Drambuie as ingredients. Maybe everyone got tipsy on the food and then came up with the amusing names.

With my Italian heritage, I’m seeing a thrilling new fusion forefront for the cuisine scene. Maybe Pyzahn Pie. Toad in the Pancetta. Amaretto Toasties.

At the very least, there will be a lot of “blethering”. And future posts. Stay tuned.



lakeviewer said...

You're already fusing! Pass the liquor.

Lindy MacDuff said...

Congratulations! Sounds like fun and looking forward to hearing about the 'results' - both Scottish and Italian! :) Can never go wrong with Amaretto or Limoncello!

gypsywoman said...

well, now, i'm scottish - i LOVE italian food! what time is dinner? i'll bring some spirits!

PurestGreen said...

Wait until you see the chapter on seaweed! And black pudding! Don't worry - the section on honey makes up for it. Toad in the Pancetta had me howling with laughter.

Gail said...

And if you find the insects in each of today's photos win a prize from me...maybe I shall send a Possum Pie recipe from Arkansas

Kathleen said...

Fuse on!!!! And show us pix - if you can hold the camera steady!!! w00t!!!! Conrats on getting your mojo back. Now I can exhale again!

drollgirl said...

may your good fortune continue!!!

and i am going to make one of your recipes soon -- the one with veggies and CORNBREAD! just as soon as this horrid 99,000,000 degree weather abates!

Nancy said...

Congrats on the turn of fortune!!

Awesome Sara said...

thank you for your little quote about the hurt expanding my heart so its bigger for the next love... that made me smile and i needed that smile. thanks for visiting my blog as well. i totally dig urs and ihope we can be awesome friends once i get outta this retarded slump im in. thanks again!!!

Comedy Goddess said...

I'd say you are on a roll, so go and buy a Powerball ticket!

Kvatch said...

You know... I always get a surprising amount of pleasure out of cookbooks.

Now, I'm basically a Yankee who managed, somehow, to be born and raised south of the Mason-Dixon line. I'd sooner cozy up to a big bowl of pasta then be caught dead making some form of grits. And yet, one of my favorite cookbooks is 'The Virginia Hostess'.

This tome comes from the Ladies Auxiliary of Manassas, VA and is chock full of useful info like how many servants you need for your spring garden party. And yet there isn't a recipe in this cookbook that isn't absolutely flawless. Take that Yankee sensibilities.

Your Cook's Tour of Scotland sounds like a blast!

Cynthia L. H. said...

SO much fun!!!

ds said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to read how you "fuse." Keep that mojo rockin'!

Kelly said...

So you were wondering what the "four days" we know! Does that I mean I have a Scottish cookbook in my future too? :) Congrats!

Prairie Chicken... said...

I hope tatty scones and soda breed are in that book!

Cormac Brown said...

Excellent, haggis and deep-fried Mars bars for everyone!

Mike Myers in "So I Married An Ax Murderer," on whether he like haggis or not-

No, I think it's repellent in every way. In fact, I think most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare.

Rudee said...

You make me want to wear plaid and pick up a golf club. What time is dinner? I'll take mine in liquid form please-preferably served in a snifter.

Bruce said...

Hmmmm, all of a sudden I got me a hankering for some Rumbledethumps

Prairie Chicken... said...

deep fried mars bars = best thing ever!
deep fried pizza too!

日月神教-向左使 said...